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DTP and Data Processing Division:

ACL Technologies maintains a composing bureau in its office to serve the publishing industry and such organization.

ACL Technologies offers Data Entry and processing services. The market for data processing is expanding as the importance of qualitative and quantitative information in business, project management and developmental activities is increasing with time. Our mission is to develop quality and customized integrated solutions for businesses of many different types and sizes. It has always been our philosophy that professional integrated solutions are not always available right out of a box.

We know that each enterprise is unique and has specific requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to customize your own solution, or to integrate other custom solutions to fit into a particular need. With all the required communication facilities, we are able to source the most effective and future-proof solution as needs.

We believe that we are one of the first such firms in Bangladesh, committed to providing the best practice and professional service to see through your information technology solutions.

Keeping all the above facts in mind we are 100% ready to take the challenge. We are quite confident that our expert management and technical personnel will be able to satisfy you and your esteemed organization. We now look forward to meeting you and working with you for an exciting information technology solution

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