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System Integration Division:

Taking the right decision before setting up a computer system, which is totally depends upon the understanding of the need and reaching a cost-effective solution to meet the need. Clouded knowledge about the system and functions to be performed by the computer system often leads to purchase systems which does not meet the needs precisely and often leads to buy more additional accessories and equipment later or even reject the whole system and start all over again. On the other hand it may also lead to solution, which is not cost effective and unnecessarily costs more money than the system is actually worth for.

To avoid this kind of situation and to provide the clients with the best cost effective solutions for their needs ACL TECHNOLOGIES has the System Integration Division to work after it. The Division provides system analysis; alternative selection and suggestion for modifying the existing system for more efficient performance, suggest hardware and software specifications understanding the needs and considering the further expansion possibilities of the client and select the best alternative to get the best value of the money.

The System Integration Division operates with skilled Hardware and Software personnel as well as experienced Administration Executives.

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