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Computer Technology has changed the whole perspective of mankind's future. At the end of this decade, only a few areas of societal and economic activities will remain outside the application of computer. In more and more jobs, people are facing the need to learn how to use a computer. In the developed countries, the pace of computerization has been so fast that it has created a shortage of skilled manpower, which has to be met through immigration. Bangladesh is beginning to face a similar demand for computer professionals

The Training Center has been established in this backdrop to impart training in various areas of computer technology. The courses offered by the center are ideal for those who want to supplement their educational qualifications with some practical training that has immediate demand in the job market.

The Training Center is a private academic institution dedicated to provide training in the application and management of computers. It has been conceived to be the model-training center in this field. To achieve this goal, the Training Center depends on the following resources:

W An academic staff consisting of well trained and experienced professionals.
W Well-structured curricula, which feature, appropriate balance between theoretical and practical "hands on" training.
W Comfortable physical environment including air-conditioned classrooms.

Resource back-up from ACL Technologies Hardware and Software Division, one of the reputed computer companies of the country, who have the latest hardware, software as well as up-to-date information on new technological developments.

The Training Center of ACL Technologies posses highly trained and experienced professional instructors. The center offers short and standard courses as well as special and custom-made courses. ACL TECHNOLOGIES also provide training facilities to corporate clients at their own premise. For the last few years they have conducted several types of training for local and international organization at Dhaka and Chittagong location. This type of training includes Ms-Office, Lotus Smart Suite, MS-Projects and different types of programming languages.

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